EuroConference RANLP-2001 - Preliminary programme September 5th (Wednesday)

9.00-10.00 Invited talk Eduard Hovy

Morning session 1a

10.00-10.30:Novel Properties and Well-Tried Performance of EM-Based Multivariate Clustering, Detlef Prescher

10.30-11.00: Weight functions impact on LSA performance, Plamen Mateev, Preslav Nakov and Antonia Popova

Morning session 1b
Text classification

10.00-10.30: Two-level self-organizing approach to text classification, Ioannis Triantafyllou, Iason Demiros and Stelios Piperidis

10.30-11.00: Boosting Trees for Anti-Spam Email Filtering, Xavier Carreras and Lluís Márquez

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

Morning session 2a

11.30-11.55: Adapting the Generalized Upper Model to Spanish, Mª del Socorro Bernardos Galindo and Guadalupe Aguado de Cea

11.55-12.20: Towards Building Bulgarian WordNet, Toma Nikolov and Krassimira Petrova

12.20-12.45: Integrating Generic and Specialized Wordnets, Bernardo Magnini and Manuela Speranza

Morning session 2b

11.30-11.55: Extraction of semantic representations from syntactic CMU link grammar linkages, Ian Marshall and Eva Safar

11.55-12.20: Unifying semantic relations across syntatic levels, Vivi Nastase and Stan Szpakowicz

12.20-12.45: An Unsupervised Semantic Tagger Applied to German, Paul Buitelaar, Jan Alexandersson, Tilman Jaeger, Stephan Lesch, Norbert Pfleger and Diana Raileanu

12.45-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.30 Invited talk Graeme Hirst

Afternoon session 1a
Anaphora and coreference I

15.30-16.00: A Methodology for Cross-Document Coreference Over Degraded Data Sources, Amit Bagga, Breck Baldwin, and Ganesh Ramesh

16.00-16.30: Anaphoric Cues for Coherence Relations, Udo Hahn and Holger Schauer

Afternoon session 1b

15.30-16.00: Distribution-oriented extension of WordNet's ontological framework, Wim Peters and Yorick Wilks

16.00-16.30: OntoMap: Ontologies for Lexical Semantics, Atanas Kiryakov, Kiril Simov and Marin Dimitrov

16.30-17.00 Coffee Break

Afternoon session 2a
Anaphora and coreference II

17.00-17.30: Semantic-driven Algorithm for Definite Description Resolution, Rafael Muñoz and Manuel Palomar

17.30-18.00: Automatic learning and resolution of anaphora, Catalina Barbu

Afternoon session 2b
Semantics, Knowledge

17.00-17.30: Integrating Multiple Knowledge for Robust Semantic Parsing, Jordi Atserias, Lluís Padró and German Rigau

17.30-18.00: Plurals, Time, and World Knowledge, Françoise Gayral, Daniel Kayser and François Lévy

20.00 Conference Reception


EuroConference RANLP-2001 - Preliminary programme September 6th (Thursday)

9.00-10.00 Invited talk Martin Kay

Morning session 1a

10.00-10.30:Parsing and GLARFing, Adam Meyers, Michiko Kosaka, Satoshi Sekine, Ralph Grishman and Shubin Zhao

10.30-11.00: Phrasal Parsing by Using Data-Driven PoS Taggers, Beáta Megyesi

Morning session 1b
Computer-aided language learning

10.00-10.30: Between language correctness and domain knowledge in CALL, Galia Angelova, Svetla Boytcheva, Ognian Kalaydjiev and Albena Strupchanska

10.30-11.00: Transformation-Based Learning of Danish Grammar Correction, Daniel Hardt

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

Morning session 2a
Text Summarisation, Question Answering, Parsing

11.30-11.55: Machine Learning Methods for Text Summarization, Iason Demiros, Harris Papageorgiou, Byron Georgantopoulos and Stelios Piperidis

11.55-12.20: SHAPAQA: Shallow Parsing for Question Answering on the World Wide Web, Sabine Buchholz and Walter Daelemans

12.20-12.45:Chunking + Island-Driven Parsing = Full Parsing, Alicia Ageno and Horacio Rodriguez

Morning session 2b
Grammar, semantics

11.30-11.55: Learning Grammar Weights Using Genetic Algorithms, Ingo Schröder, Horia Pop, Wolfgang Menzel and Kilian Foth

11.55-12.20: SCALP: A System for Computational Processing of Verbal Polysemy, Karim Chibout and Anne Vilnat

12.20-12.50: Duality of Syntax and Semantics - From the View Point of Brain as a Quantum Computer, Joseph C.H. Chen and Manfred Kudlek

12.45/50-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.30 Invited talk Kemal Oflazer

Afternoon session 1a
Dialogue, Hypertext

15.30-15.55: Robust dialogue understanding in HERALD, Vincenzo Pallotta and Afzal Ballim

15.55-16.20: Generating Adaptive Hypertext: An Usability Approach, Kalina Bontcheva

Afternoon session 1b

15.30-15.55: Predicting Translations in Context, Jörg Tiedemann

15.55-16.20: The Architecture of an English-Text-to-Sign-Languages Translation System, Eva Safar and Ian Marshall

16.20-16.50 Coffee Break
16.50-18.00 Poster session


EuroConference RANLP-2001 - Preliminary programme September 7th (Friday)

9.00-10.00 Invited talk James Pustejovsky

Morning session 1a
Named Entity Recognition, Term Extraction

10.00-10.30: Named Entity Recognition from Diverse Text Types, Diana Maynard, Valentin Tablan, Cristian Ursu, Hamish Gunningham and Yorick Wilks

10.30-11.00: Modelling syntactic context in automatic term extraction, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto, R. Bazili and M. Pazienza

Morning session 1b
Grammars, Formalisms

10.00-10.30: Polynominal tree-substitution grammars: An efficient framework for data-oriented parsing, Jean-Cédric Chappelier and Martin Rajman

10.30-11.00: Efficient Indexing for Typed Feature Structures, Thilo Goetz, Robin Lougee-Heimer and Nicolas Nicolov

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

Morning session 2a
Question Answering

11.30-12.00: Document selection refinement based on linguistic features for QALC, a Question Answering system, Olivier Ferret, Brigitte Grau, Martine Hurault-Plantet, Gabriel Illouz and Christian Jacquemin

12.00-12.30: The question Where? - A question of distances?, Nicolas Denand and Monique Rolbert

Morning session 2b
Part-of-speech tagging, discourse

11.30-12.00: Integrating external dictionaries into stochastic part-of-speech taggers, Jorge Graña Gil, Jean-Cédric Chappelier and Manuel Vilares Ferro

12.00-12.30: Any: the hearer's role in discourse update, Helen Gaylard and Allan Ramsay

12.30-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.30 Invited talk Walter Daelemans
15.30-16.40 Poster session
16.40-17.10 Coffee Break

Industrial advances in NLP in Central and Eastern Europe

17.10-17.35: MorphoLogic (Hungary), Gabor Proszeky

17.35-18.00: Rila Solution (USA-Bulgaria), Stoyan Mihov


18.00 Closing