Each poster presentation will be given a tableau 60x90 cm, where the authors can display their materials.

Poster session September 6th


Agents Generating Texts In Different Natural Languages, John Bateman, Kamenka Staykova and Sergey Varbanov

Dynamic Topic Identification: Towards Combination of Metdods, Brigitte Bigi, Armelle Brun, Jean-Paul Haton, Kamel Smaili and Imed Zitouni

Distributed Shallow Approach to Resolution, Thierry Declerck and Guenter Neumann

Dynamic Programming of Partial Parses, Manuel Vilares Ferro, Jesus Vilares Ferro and David Cabrero Souto

Annotating dialogue acts in Estonian Dialogue corpus, Mare Koit

On distributing the analysis process of a broad-coverage unification-based grammar, Montserrat Marimon

Automatic hypertext information retrieval in a corporate memory using noun phrases in context, Maria Nava and Daniela Garcia

Grammar Extraction from an HPSG Corpus, Kiril Simov


Poster session September 7th


Term Variation as an Integrated Part of Authomatic Term recognition, S. Ananiadou and Katerina Kehagia

Combining Evolutionary Computing and Similarity Measures to ExtractCollocations from Unrestricted Texts, Gael Dias and Segio Nunes

The Bulgarian BABEL Database, Snezhina Dimitrova, Tanya Kostadinova, Evelina Grigorova and Georgi Rouzhekov

Using Hyponym Branching Similarity Measures Comparable to Statistical Alternatives for Word Sense Disambiguation, Nuno Dionisio, Ian Marshall and Eva Safar

Part-of-Speech Tagging witd Lexicalized HMM, Antonio Molina and Ferran Pla

A Hybrid System for MorphoSyntactic Disambiguation in Bulgarian, Kiril Simov and Petya Osenova

Adding thesaural Information to Noun Taxonomies, Mark Stevenson

How Can Computers Help the Writer/Speaker Experiencing the Tip-of-the-Tongue-Problem?, Michael Zock and Jean-Pierre Fournier