Each paper will be given for presentation:

   - regular papers: 30 minutes (25 min talk and 5 min questions);

   - short papers: 25 minutes (20 min talk and 5 min questions).

There will be an DLP/LCD projectors in rooms A and B, as well as overhead projectors.

The organisers expect that the invited lecturers and tutorial speakers might bring and use their own computers. However, to avoid any delay for tunning the equipment within the paper sessions, the organisers expect that all authors with "electronic" presentations will have them on a diskette, as files which can be installed in advance on a local machine (under Windows) before the session. In this way papers can be presented one after another without any intermediate breaks. Please contact the technical assistants on the spot to discuss the equipment you need for presenting your paper.

Each poster presentation will have a tableau 60x90 cm.

For further questions please contact ranlp2001@lml.bas.bg