Information for those who will use public transport

Hotel ORBITA -full address and telephones:

Batak, Tzigov CHark,
ORBITA hotel
tel. (+359-3542) 3386, 3385 - via Batak, tel. country code 03542
tel. (+359-3553) 2027, 2327 - via Velingrad, tel. country code 03553
fax (+359-3542) 3200

Organizers' mobile telephones:
048 958405 and 088 303776: Nikolai Nikolov
087 716566: Ruslan Mitkov
088 865618: Galia Angelova

Tzigov Chark is located at about 6 km. away from Batak and 24 km. away from Velingrad. So there are two possibilities to arrive at Tzigov Chark.
The first one is to take train from Central Railway Station in Sofia to Pazardzhik, there are trains every hour, and then to take a bus or a taxi to Tzigov Chark.
The second one is to take bus from Bus station "South" in Sofia to Velingrad and then a taxi to Tzigov Chark.
See below for timetables of buses and price of taxi.

Timetable: buses from Pazardzhik to Batak

Departure Day Price Duration
7:05 every day 2,5lv. about an hour and a half
15:40 every day 2,5lv. about an hour and a half

Timetable: buses from Sofia to Velingrad

Departure Day Note Price Duration
9:30 every day with aircondition 6 lv. about 2 hours
13:00 Saturday and Sunday  
15:00 every day  
16:30 every day with aircondition
18:30 Friday and Sunday  

A taxi costs between 0,3 and 0,4 lv. per kilometer, which is about 0,15$. We highly recommend you to negotiate the price with the taxi driver in advance (preferably in Bulgarian!). We can not guarantee that the price will be the one given above.