Workshop: Biomedical Information Extraction
18 September 2009

in conjunction with
Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing

14-16 September 2009, Borovets, Bulgaria



The International Workshop on Biomedical Information Extraction
is partially supported by:

The National Science Fund, Bulgaria,
via contact EVTIMA DO 02-292/December 2008
with the Institute of Parallel Processing, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences



Organizing committee:
Guergana Savova, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota, USA
Vangelis Karkaletsis, Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Athens, Greece
Galia Angelova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Programme committee:
Werner Ceusters, Psychiatry and Ontology, SUNY at Buffalo
Wendy Chapman, Biomedical informatics, University of Pittsburgh
Cheryl Clark, MITRE Corporation
Kevin Cohen, University of Colorado
Noemie Elhadad, Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University
Udo Hahn, Jena University
Dimitris Kokkinakis, Gothenburg University
Stasinos Konstantopoulos, Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Athens
Anastassia Krithara, Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Athens
John Pestian, Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati's Children's Hospital
Sunghwan Sohn, Biomedical statistics and informatics, Mayo Clinic
Vojtech Svatek, University of Economics, Prague

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In addition to the members of the Programme Committee and the Organisers,
the following colleagues were involved in the reviewing process:

Svetla Boytcheva, State University of Library Studies
and Information Technologies, Bulgaria
Georgi Georgiev, Ontotext AD, Bulgaria
Pythagoras Karampiperis, Institute of Informatics
and Telecommunications, Athens, Greece
Preslav Nakov, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Dimitar Tcharaktchiev, Medical University, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Programme (pdf)
18 September 2009

Full paper presentations

Cascading Classifiers for Named Entity Recognition in Clinical Notes
Yefeng Wang and Jon Patrick

Issues on Quality Assessment of SNOMED CT® Subsets – Term Validation and Term Extraction
Dimitrios Kokkinakis and Ulla Gerdin

Joint Organism and Gene Normalization in the MIRA Framework
Georgi Georgiev and Preslav Nakov

Improving Hospital Document workflow with a Risk Patterns Detection tool to detect potential Hospital Acquired Infections
Denys Proux, Pierre Marchal, Frédérique Segond, Ivan Kergourlay, Stéfan Darmoni, Suzanne Pereira, Quentin Gicquel, Marie-Hélène Metzger

Extraction and Exploration of Correlations in Patient Status Data
Svetla Boytcheva, Elena Paskaleva, Ivelina Nikolova and Galia Angelova


Pilot project notes presentations

Corpus study of kidney-related experimental data in scientific papers
Anne-Lyse Minard,  Brigitte Grau and Anne-Laure Ligozat

Semantic Portals in Biomedicine: Case Study
Irina Efimenko, Sergey Minor, Anatoli Starostin and V. Khoroshevsky

Demonstration of Biomedical Mining Software, Ontotext Lab
Georgi Georgiev

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