International Conference
RANLP - 2007

/Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing/
September 27-29, 2007, Borovets, Bulgaria

RANLP-07 is partially supported by the European Commission
via the project BIS-21++, FP6 contract no. INCO-CT-2005-016639

RANLP-09 is already announced!
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Xerox Research Centre Europe
Xerox award for best PhD student paper
on semantic processing



Catherine Havasi
/Brandeis University/
& Robert Speer
/MIT Media Lab


Lauri Karttunen (Palo Alto Research Center and Stanford University)
Bernardo Magnini (FBK-irst, Trento)
Allan Ramsay (University of Manchester)
Ellen Riloff(University of Utah)
Karin Verspoor (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Yorick Wilks (University of Sheffield)

PC CHAIR: Prof. Ruslan Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton, UK)
OC CHAIR: Dr. Galia Angelova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BG)

Selection rates

Institute for Parallel Processing (IPP),
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)
(BIS-21 Center of Excellence)

Contact Information: ranlp07[AT]