Student Research Workshop
7-9 September 2015, Hissar, Bulgaria
in conjunction with RANLP 2015


Oral presentations

The time slots will be 20 min long, including 5 min for questions + mentors' feedback. The organisers will supply a projector and presentation laptop. If you need any additional supplies please contact the organisers several days before the beginning of the conference at

Poster presentations

The presenters bring their posters and post them on special tableaux and are expected to stand next to them, while interested participants may walk to them and ask questions. The organisers will supply sticking tape, scisors and patafix which are needed for posting on the tableaux. The poster tableau has dimensions 80 (width) x 120 (height) cm, which means that you can show there 12 pages in format A4. Your poster may be a single sheet or a couple of smaller slides which are to be presented together. We recomend the first option.

Here are some links which might be helpful while preparing your presentation:
Creating effective poster presentations
"How to give a good talk" by Patrick Blackburn
Geoff Pullum's Five Golden Rules