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Computational Linguistics

During the projects EVTIMA and PSIP+ I developed expertise in biomedical natural language processing. I embraced this topic also in my PhD thesis "Application of Natural Langugage Processing for the Creation of Semantic Systems", which was successfully defended in January 2015 at the Linguistic Modelling Department at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Recently, during the project AComIn, I've been dealing with Data Mining in help of the education. We analyse user behaviour in the portal in order to find relations between the user behaviour, the user subscription rate and the portal contents.

EVTIMA ( is the first attempt to apply natural language processing on medical text in Bulgarian. The project deals with patient records of patients diagnosed with Diabetes. Several extractors of important symptoms and accompanying diseases were created as well as medical treatment extractors.

PSIP+ ( aims at detection of adverse drug effects by employing data mining, semantic mining, knowledge-based approaches, etc.

My MSc thesis was on generation of multiple choice test items and distractors suggestion for Bulgarian aiming application in the e-Learning. In former projects  I have short experience in parallel text alignment and comparison of term importance measures.