Conference History

RANLP-2017 belongs to a sequence of events with similar name and continues the tradition of the following successful events:

The Summer schools "Current topics in Computational Linguistics" and the RANLP-events has always been a meeting venue of scientists coming from all parts of the world. All participants greatly benefit from talks and exchange of ideas and experience.

The selection rate of the regular RANLP papers is very high: 14% for RANLP-2005, 11% for RANLP-2007, 10% for RANLP-2009, 17% for RANLP-2011 and 22% for RANLP-2015. Selected papers from RANLP-95, RANLP-97, RANLP-2003, RANLP-2005 and RANLP-2007 were published by John Benjamins in the series "Current Issues in Linguistic Theory". All papers accepted at RANLP-2009, RANLP-2011 and RANLP-2013 and the associated workshops are available at the ACL Anthology.

The EuroConference RANLP-2001 was supported by the European Commission as a High Level Scientific Conference, Contract number HPCF-2000-00329. The International Conference RANLP-2003 was supported by the European Commission under an IST FP5 conference grant. The International Conference RANLP-2005 was supported by the European Commission as a Marie Curie Large Conference, contract MLCF-CT-2004-013233. The International Conference RANLP-2007 was partially supported by the European Commission via the project BIS-21++, FP6 contract no. INCO-CT-2005-016639 and Xerox Research Centre Europe. RANLP-2009, RANLP-2011 and RANLP-2013 were supported by OntoText, Bulgaria. And in addition to that RANLP-2013 and RANLP-2015 were supported by the AComIn Project, contract number FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1, FP7 Capacity Programme, Research Potential of Convergence Regions.